When to Begin The Search For Mobile Security Solutions

When to Begin The Search For Mobile Security Solutions

Organizations are changing rapidly. Marketing teams are working diligently coming up with new ways to get leads and visibility. Accounting departments are trying to keep up with the ever-changing tax code, and Finance is figuring out how to minimize costs with rising prices of materials and services. IT must keep up with all the other departments and their needs. The security of your devices and the data being fed through them every day is at the upmost priority. What are the indicators you should be looking for, and when should you begin the process of securing your mobile devices? You are a prime candidate to start searching for mobile security platforms if any of the following examples describe with you.

1. Growth

You are growing your business quickly and you have more help than ever towards making your dreams of success a reality. More help means more hands, more hands mean more devices and more devices means more of a risk for you. The more devices you have in an organization, the more open doors for security breaches. Having a security plan and solution in place while you are small makes for ease of deployment and an increased peace of mind as you continue to grow. Be proactive when it comes to your mobile strategy, you’ll thank yourself down the road

2. Vertical

No matter how big, small, well-known, or unfamiliar your business is, understanding future requirements of your vertical is important. If you fall under a vertical that often has compliance checks, risk assessments, audits and more, it is a good idea to implement security solutions early. This can include Banks, Healthcare Facilities, Credit Unions, Government, and any other companies that store customer or employee data, PII or content you chose to keep private. With HIPAA, GLBA, Risk and Compliance audits being a huge part of what keeps a company honest, having a Mobile Security solution to protect company data can help alleviate stresses of a breach or malicious attack. While we do recommend mobile security to all businesses, knowing the future check points you will need to pass can help you decide when it is the best time to implement a solution for securing your data.

3. You have lost a company (BYOD) device

The first company device has been lost. What comes to your mind when you hear this? To some, this may sound like more of an inconvenience. You must buy another device to satisfy an employee’s needs and the issue is fixed, right? Not necessarily. Do you know what company content was on that device? Did this device have access to corporate emails or internal resources only to be accessed by employees? Did this device have a passcode, creating a barrier between the content and its new handler? With a Mobile Security solution in place, you can be certain of all the answers and choose how to answer them! Whether it be a BYOD device with a corporate work profile or a fully loaded corporate device provided by the company, you can guarantee a device will have the requirements for keeping corporate data secure, forcing passcode and privacy protections, and blocking the access of internal resources.

4. Remote Access

If the past few years have taught us anything, it has taught us that people are working from home. Small companies are doing it, large companies are doing it, the opportunity to work from home is all around us and becoming more common than ever. Accessing data from home may be the new norm but it doesn’t come without risks. If your company has made the decision to allow employees access to corporate sites, work email or internal resources from their places of residence, something should be put in place to verify it is secure. You can create barriers, force tunnels and VPN’s, enable complex authentication, manage apps, and containerize content by utilizing a Mobile Security Solution. By thinking ahead, and installing a solution prior to WFH, you can sleep easy knowing your data is secure, no matter where it is being accessed.

Waiting until you have a data breach in your security system is not when you should start looking for security solutions, 2021 had the highest average cost of a data breaches in the past 17 years; rising to $4.24 million from $3.86 million previously. Phishing attacks are increasing at a rate of 400% year over year and the average lifecycle of a breach is 280 days from Identification to containment. Not Including the 207 days it takes to Identify a breach. Without a solution in place, an attack is bound to happen. Get ahead of the curve. There are many places to begin.

The Troy Mobility team has over 60+ years of consulting experience in the Mobile Security space and is partnered with industry leading IT security solutions to best fit your needs. With seasoned support engineers on staff, Troy Mobility can consult, implement, and fully manage your mobility infrastructure. As a fully functional MSP (Managed Service Provider), “White Glove” services and tier 1 support for your organization are our areas of expertise. We not only want to help you manage and protect your endpoints, but we want to help you succeed with being mobile. Start a conversation with Troy Mobility to explore options and expert advice on solutions and industry trends that best fit your security roadmap.

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