The mission at ViziApps is to transform how companies create mobile apps to engage their mobile employees, partners and customers. We want to change mobile app creation from an enterprise project to a do-it-yourself office tool. On average this will reduce the cost of building an app by 5-10X and reduce the time to build it from 5-10 months to 1-3 weeks.

How do they do this? In ViziApps, almost all the app building is done visually with drag-and-drop wizards and pick-and-choose tools. ViziApps has no-coding interfaces to over 50 data interface plugins including SalesForce, QuickBooks, QuickBase, Google Spreadsheets, Internet of Things and SQL Databases, making it easy to create rich, attractive mobile business apps quickly and cost effectively.

If you are interested in learning how ViziApps can help drive new application development, production, while minimizing cost and time, please contact us and let us know how we can assist you. We will be happy to provide a customized demonstration to your team to help you understand how ViziApps can help streamline your new app development efforts.