Top Enterprise Mobility Trends

Enterprise Mobility is a top technology trend; it is therefore, not surprising that almost every enterprise has either already or is actively working on deploying a mobile strategy. A comprehensive mobility strategy helps enterprises not only in establishing the ground rules, but also in leveraging mobile technologies to the enterprises’ advantage.

The Enterprise Mobility Trends infographic identifies few trends that are typical among our EMM customers. These trends are based on aggregated data from Citrix customers that have deployed the enterprise mobility management solution in the cloud.

The three key trends that are evident from this report are:

Our customers are managing twice as many devices across platforms

In just one year, device enrollment has increased to 135%. While iOS still remains the dominant operating system, all platforms saw a similar increase in device enrollment.
With the proliferation of mobile platforms, more enterprises are now adopting mobility than before. However, many enterprises are still starting their mobile deployments, in POCs or pilot implementations that might also be reflected in this trend.
Our customers are shifting from solely relying on device level policies to app and data level policies

The number of device-level policies decreased from 2012 to 2013. The six more frequently enforced policies are Passcode, GPS, Restrict device resources/apps, Wi-Fi, VPN and Two-Factor Authentication.
This change in the type of policies enforced in 2012 to the ones enforced in 2013 indicates the shift in enterprise mindset. Instead of focusing on controlling and managing the devices, our customers are now more focused on enforcing granular app-level policies to offer better mobile experience without compromising security of the data.

(These two trends also indicate that enterprises are now opting for device enrollment for inventory management (especially for corporate owned devices) with a basic passcode policy. Granular app-level security does not obfuscate the user experience that users expect on their smartphones and tablets.)

Productivity apps dominate enterprise app stores for our cloud customers

Gone are the days when smartphones and tablets were used as consumption devices only. Mobile apps today enable content creation on smartphones and tablets. The top apps that were downloaded by our customers are Citrix Receiver, Adobe, Nitrodesk TouchDown, Skype and Box.
This trend reflects the importance of productivity apps for enterprise users. While email, instant messaging and file sync ‘n share apps are the expected categories, specialized content creation apps such as Adobe are gaining popularity.
These trends identified from our Citrix XenMobile cloud deployments indicate the transition in the enterprise mobility strategy. Enterprise IT is now focused on being an enabler for user productivity by being less restrictive. Enforcing security without obfuscating user experience is the primary objective of Enterprise IT.

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