Top 5 Wireless Expense Areas Every Company Should be Monitoring

With so many devices to manage, it’s hard for companies to keep track of how much each device costs while focusing on the employee at the center of the mobile program. Plus, many companies are slowly shifting the mindset around their mobile policies from being cost-driven to productivity-driven — with so many balls in the air, it is hard enough to manage one bill let alone hundreds or even thousands of bills.

As the enterprise mobility landscape continues to evolve with company paid devices, personal devices, and hybrid programs, IT and finance managers often struggle to make sure mobile policies and programs are the most cost efficient for the company. With so many factors contributing to the bottom line of wireless costs, what exactly should companies be watching?

Here are five areas that we think companies should be monitoring to make sure they are managing their wireless cost effectively:

  • Billed lines by carrier: Your company should know how many lines of service you have on each carrier. This information is helpful when your company considers adding additional lines of service or are adding or migrating a number of devices.
  • Wireless charges breakdown: Understand how much of your mobile spend lies in recurring charges, non-recurring charges, taxes and surcharges. Be sure to include a breakdown of voice, data and text costs by carrier. This information will give you the true anatomy of your wireless costs and allow you to figure out where you need to tune up your program.
  • Average charges per billed line: It’s extremely helpful to know how much one of your company’s devices costs per month on average. Not only can you benchmark your average wireless cost against other companies, but you can understand the true cost of your mobile employees.
  • Total charges by carrier: Here’s an obvious one: Do you know how much your company is paying each carrier every month? I bet your CFO would love to know.
  • Breakdown of additional charges: This is the BEST one! You need to know how much all of the surprising costs — from data overage charges and 411 calls to ringtones and downloads — are coasting you and where they’re coming from so you can make them stop!

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