Organizations are driving increases in productivity as people conduct business from anywhere and at any time, and they are now facing challenges not addressed by traditional EMM.

Loaded with sensitive data, mobile devices have now become a clear target for hackers, leading to a sharp increase in the mobile threats against them. These range from the evolving universe of malware attacks, to growing vulnerabilities, data leaks and user activity that significantly increase the risk of data loss. Secure containers, wrappers and mobile anti-virus solutions don’t go far enough or deep enough to protect against these emerging threats.

At the same time data consumption continues to rise. In the post BlackBerry era feature-rich devices use much more data than they need to, consuming apps and video over 4G, and accessing content not optimized for mobile. Companies are paying for these rising costs of mobility and frequent travel is driving expenses higher still.

The IT mobility and security teams at our customers often support very large global organizations with complex environments. We help them by facilitating large scale seamless deployment of Wandera as part of an easy to manage yet powerful service.

Multi-Level: We operate simultaneously on the device and in the cloud, combining constant device monitoring with real-time scanning of the data stream as it passes through our inline cloud proxy. This provides a unique granular view into mobile data beyond EMM, with intelligence that is both reported on and actionable in real-time.

Transparent: Critical to any enterprise mobility initiative is promoting end user adoption. Wandera’s gateway ensures customer success by delivering a completely seamless and native experience for end users, who also benefit from in-app usage reports, security alerts and proactive service notifications that keep them informed.

Proactive: Wandera provides actionable intelligence that is used to inform policy and enable proactive security and optimization. Admins are alerted to threat and usage anomalies by order of severity and can implement granular automated policies for remediation and content control
using real-time data.

Our EMM Connect ecosystem integration lets companies use their existing MDM to deploy the Wandera app directly on to end user devices. Once deployed, Wandera directs traffic across the apps and browser through our in-line cloud proxy distributed across multiple global data centers. EMM Connect then continues to sync with the MDM for ongoing management.

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