Ivanti UEM

Empowering the Everywhere Workplace

Mobility and IT consumerization have become a way of life in the enterprise. In simpler terms: today’s users expect to get their work done from anywhere at any time using a variety of devices, from desktop and laptop PCs to tablets and smart phones. This has become even more relevant in the Everywhere Workplace. At one time, the most “serious” work was done on laptop and desktop PCs with mobile devices used only for email and other limited purposes on the road or at home. Today, users expect to access the same information, run many of the same applications and services, and get much of the same work done on any device, whether it’s company-owned or BYOD. Trends in PC development are blurring the lines between what is a PC and what is a mobile device.

This mobile device equality has created a significant challenge to the enterprise, but there’s also a clear opportunity. First, the challenge: IT must implement policies to manage and secure sensitive applications and information accessed by and stored on each device without compromising the user’s productivity, preferred mobile work style, and personal use of the device. In spite of best intentions and efforts, in many enterprises today, endpoint management and security have not kept up with device equality.

The Ivanti solution for managing user devices eliminates the artificial separation between traditional desktop and laptop systems and their mobile device counterparts. Ivanti focuses on unified endpoint management, delivering a single enterprise IT management solution and set of policies for managing the entire lifecycle of all the devices run by each enterprise user. With UEM, the user – not the device – is the focus. With this user-centered approach, Ivanti offers the only comprehensive management solution that delivers the same seamless experience users expect across all their devices.

If you are interested in learning how Ivanti can streamline your mobile security initiatives, we are happy to provide a personalized demonstration and evaluation of the platform to see if it is right for your organization. Simply Contact Us and a member of our team will respond to your inquiry promptly.