The leading Android COSU DevOps platform

Esper is the industry’s first Android DevOps Platform, bringing an agile approach to the entire product lifecycle. Esper’s deep expertise in Android spans from chip to cloud, ensuring success whether starting from solution design or transforming an existing fleet. Esper empowers engineers, developers, and operations teams with tools crafted for company-owned Android devices. Our full stack platform covers building, deploying, managing, and maintaining – to move beyond MDM to Android DevOps.

Android DevOps is the practice of delivering exceptional customer experiences with a toolchain for collaboration, visibility, and control all the way from development to production. Esper’s platform enables real-time single-pane response to device state changes — including the health and performance of apps, configurations, OS, firmware, and more. Modern organizations need Android DevOps for infrastructure and automation.

Traditional mobility solutions aren’t designed to monitor device and application health on touchscreen devices, lock devices to kiosk mode, or support other non-traditional Android use cases. Esper was created to provide a seamless approach to the entire single-purpose device lifecycle with a rich set of features for Android deployments like kiosks, mPOS, mobile, tablets, and other devices.

Esper is compatible with virtually ALL Android hardware and versions 4.4+, so you can deploy and manage your fleet of GMS-certified and AOSP devices.

When you are ready to take the next step in learning how Esper can enhance, manage and deploy Corporate-Owned, Single-Use Android devices across over 60 OEMs, including Kiosk, Digital Signage and Custom Android builds, we are happy to provide a personalized demonstration and evaluation of the platform to see if it is right for your organization. Simply Contact Us and a member of our team will respond to your inquiry promptly.