Redefining the legacy email reputation filtering model to better help companies defend against BEC, ATO and 3rd party impersonation attacks across all cloud collab, email & messaging, file sharing and video tools.

In the WFH era, your employees are communicating using more digital channels than ever before in order to stay connected and productive. These channels come with their own security risks – email phishing, DLP via file sharing channels like SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox, Zoom-bombing, dangerous URLs being posted on Slack and Teams channels, and many more.

Using machine learning and AI to model your organization’s communication and trust patterns into a powerful Identity Trust Graph, ClearedIn is allowing companies to quickly identify impersonation attacks, inappropriate file shares, and unknown or untrusted collaborators in their digital channels. ClearedIn combines the Trust Graph with intuitive UX to educate and protect your end users, and a powerful dashboard for your admins to threat-hunt and purge dangerous attacks.

ClearedIn supports a broad variety of the most popular communication and collaboration platforms including Office 365, G Suite, MS-Teams, Slack, OneDrive, SharePoint, Zoom, Box, and Dropbox.

For more information on product and capabilities, visit or Contact Us today to get a complimentary assessment of your cloud security posture and see a tailored demonstration of how we can help better protect your employees and your organization.

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