Logos-in-Square-BigTinCanSmartphones and tablets present both the biggest change to end-user computing in the last 20 years, and an opportunity to improve productivity for individual workers. They also create an opportunity for large companies, government organizations and small businesses to change the way they transact business and substantially improve operating results.

For enterprises that want to maximize the profitability and productivity of their mobile workforce, bigtincan delivers a powerful, intelligent and secure solution for delivery of all content types with an amazing user experience. Unlike basic consumer cloud storage solutions, bigtincan hub is the industry’s first and only fully-integrated solution for existing and emerging mobile platforms that arms employees with everything that they need to do business right at their finger tips – regardless of location. From PowerPoint presentations to PDFs or HTML5 apps and video files to RSS feeds, remote employees can quickly and easily access and work with the most relevant and up-to-date content all from a single, intuitive platform in real-time regardless of network connection status.

bigtincan is a single, unified solution that provides access to all relevant content combined with all the tools needed to enable a mobile workforce to be productive, delivered with the information security and content governance capabilities needed to achieve information risk, compliance and security objectives.

If you are interested in taking bigtincan out for a test drive, Reach Out to us and one of our specialist will be happy to assist getting you set up. This is a really cool platform for your content & collaboration needs!