Logos-in-Square-ApperianMobile Application Management (MAM) is a game-changing strategy used by organizations to optimize workers’ use of mobile devices. The strategy redefines the use of software and services which support the lifecycle of mobile Apps. It is a ground-up approach, improving the workspace for users, developers & IT alike. A subset strategy called Mobile Device Management (MDM) focuses on managing the physical device itself. Apperian’s solution includes complete management of mobile apps, from development to deployment.

At Apperian, we have a fundamental belief that we will “do no harm” to users’ personal Apps and data. Your stuff is yours, and not your employers. That’s why through Apperian’s application management solutions, IT only handles managed corporate Apps. When a worker leaves the organization, only those managed apps are removed. Throughout the process, personal Apps and data remain untouched. Self-service is another tenant of Apperian’s MAM; users can find and install corporate-approved Apps through a private App catalog, without having to trek over to IT for help.

Apperian supports the complete Mobile Application Management lifecycle with the next generation of EASE. Our platform interconnects backend modules with front end user interfaces. Modules may contain a number of services and capabilities provided by Apperian or 3rd party partners. All of this is seamless and automatic for administrators and users. This creates a highly scalable and customizable platform for each mobile enterprise’s need.

If you are interested in learning more about the Apperian platform, EASE, please contact us and we will be happy to address your questions and enable a demo of the product.