Physically Managing Mobile Devices is Outdated. How can a UEM help you?

Physically Managing Mobile Devices is Outdated. How can a UEM help you?

The days of physically managing devices are over. Remote workers make up 58.6% of the total U.S workforce, 54% of IT professionals consider remote workers posing a greater security risk, and 56% of companies permit a remote workforce. Configurations, applications, and updates are continuously on the move. Touching each device to make necessary changes is unattainable.

There are platforms and solutions to assist in managing devices remotely. It may be easier than you think.

Everything from onboarding new employees, to downloading and updating applications, can be done utilizing a Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM). A UEM platform has the ability to monitor all your devices in a single pane of glass. UEM platforms are customizable to your specific use case. The benefit you will gain from implementing a UEM platform to secure and manage your fleet of mobile devices is endless. Here are some advantages of how implementing a UEM can help you.

1. Increased Visibility

Your company has a fleet of 2,000 devices, and it is your responsibility to manage them. How do you do it? Without a UEM, are you able to manage and secure your devices? Absolutely not. What if a device is lost or stolen? Was there a passcode enforced? Will that device provide access to your internal systems or even more important, allow access to critical business data including your customer records, potential Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or possibly Intellectual Property (IP)? These are the worries of every IT manager. Ask yourself these questions. If you do not know the answer, you will benefit from implementing a UEM platform.

2. Application Management

Communication, social media, business, and even gaming applications are common apps installed on devices. How are you able to control and manage apps that should be on your devices? What about known applications that could pose risk? Can you whitelist/blacklist specific apps you do not want on your devices? Being able to control apps on corporate devices helps minimize security risks. Manually monitoring each devices’ application takes time and effort. Time that can be spent somewhere else. By utilizing a UEM platform, managing applications on devices becomes simple.

3. Scalability

By taking the time to build a strong foundation, scaling your platform becomes easy. If you are predicting rapid growth in your organization, positioning a UEM to seamlessly adapt to increased enrollment will be easier on resources in the future. Intentionally introducing security measures, using a layered approach, can boost your overall security posture and enhance the end-user experience.

4. Reporting and Compliance

If you fall under a vertical that often has compliance checks, risk assessments, audits and more, it is a good idea to implement security solutions early. UEM platforms come with reporting capabilities that can aid in remaining compliant. You can use preset reports, or create custom reports based on your companies’ use case. HIPAA, GLBA, Risk and Compliance audits are major factors in keeping a company honest. Having a UEM in place and utilizing reporting features will alleviate compliance concerns.

5. Comprehensive Support (VAR: Value Added Reseller)

Sellers of UEM platforms are generally experts around mobile security, knowing the ins and outs of platforms. Most individuals are not experts in enrolling, managing, and making changes to devices… but your mobile security partner is. Engaging your mobility partner is a crucial first step. Expert advice can be provided within a matter of minutes when dealing with Troy Mobility; a team of support engineers are always available.

Implementing and utilizing a UEM platform is an important business decision to help scale and secure your mobile enterprise. As many of your employees work from home or travel, devices are constantly moving and changing hands. It is impossible to see and touch every device when an issue arises. Managing your devices from a single view provides vast benefits and increased productivity. With a Unified Endpoint Management solution, everything from A to Z in device management is possible.

The Troy Mobility team has over 60+ years of combined consulting experience in the Mobile Security space and is partnered with industry leading mobile security solutions to best fit your needs. With certified and accredited support engineers on staff, Troy Mobility can strategize, implement, and fully manage your mobility infrastructure. As a fully functional MSP (Managed Service Provider), “White Glove” services and Tier 1 support for your organization are our areas of expertise. We not only want to help you manage and protect your endpoints, but we want to help you succeed with being mobile. Start a conversation with Troy Mobility to explore options and expert advice on solutions and industry trends that best fit your security roadmap.

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