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Developing a strategy for Identity Access Management is a challenge for growing SMB and Mid-Market organizations. Okta, outlines best practices to secure customer identity.

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Companies that pay ransoms, have a lower clean up cost. But 80% of companies that pay ransoms are attacked again.

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*Last Reminder*
Join us in one hour as we kickoff our Vendor Spotlight series featuring Hypergate. A Modern Kerberos Authentication solution for your mobile devices.
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Traveling with devices is like brushing your teeth every morning, it happens without thought.

Cyber Hygiene, as Fortinet describes, introduces proper cyber protections when working on the fly (get it..... airplane.... traveling.... fly).

Tomorrow at 1pm, Troy Mobility hosts Hypergate in the first Vendor Spotlight Series Webinar.
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Clinical Mobility... have you heard of it? It is the practice of utilizing mobile devices in healthcare. Positive patient outcomes and saving money in the long-term are two side effects (how terrible, right).

See how Hypergate's Smart Security solution helps retail operations become more efficient, all while providing the extra level of security needed for accessing data.

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For our customers who utilize the MobileIron Cloud UEM platform, we want to inform you of a rebranding.

As you know, Ivanti has acquired MobileIron. The user interface has officially been updated.

Although it may look different, the functions still remain the same.

Healthcare facilities have to be smart in all aspects of business. Smart Security by @Hypergate helps them do so in security. Here are the capabilities Hypergate's solution has to offer.

63% of enterprise security leaders say the lack of endpoint visibility is the most significant barrier to achieve a stronger security posture.

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On July 28th at 1pm, Troy Mobility will be hosting Hypergate in the first Webinar of our Vendor Spotlight Series
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Logically separate BYOD from Corporate devices using Active Directory groups (MI Cloud User Groups) and Device Groups

It is necessary to have security on all devices, but configurations and settings should different across all devices when one is owned personally and one is not

This July we put the spotlight on one of our key vendors

Join us on July 28th at 1pm EST for a webinar.

We will be demonstrating how Hypergate can improve your enterprise mobility strategy. At the end of the presentation we will host a Q/A session.

From your mobile security partner team, we want to wish you a Happy Fourth of July.

In the mean time enjoy this photo of Teagan, who happens to be one of our lead administrators in making sure your devices are secure and compliant. Some call her the Troy Mobility watch dog.

How does your organization rank when it comes to mobile security?

You could have nothing in place, or you could have complete control of the security functions on all devices.

At Troy Mobility, we will help you at whatever stage you currently reside.

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