Managed Mobility

Here at Troy Mobility, we could fill up an entire website dedicated to the services that can be offered through a well-orchestrated Managed Mobility Services (MMS) offering. And we take this a step further by providing the very best MMS to the SMB and Mid-Market Enterprise. Since 2010, Troy Mobility has been indirectly providing managed services to their customer base in a host of different services. Whether it be providing administrative services as an extension of your IT team, or providing a personalized “white-glove” service for the executive team, we have been the “go-to” mobility partner for hundreds of customers.

But now, Troy Mobility is proudly bringing a suite of Managed Mobility Services to the forefront for the SMB and MME. Our goal is to be the clear leader of MMS for the under-served mid-market. These services will include, but not limited to:

  • Strategic mobility road mapping to provide solid alignment with your overall business and security initiatives
  • Best of breed UEM platform; zero footprint integration (caveats exist)
  • Comprehensive mobile support services for admins & end-users. (Options available for 24×7 support)
  • Hassle-free provisioning and dedicated project management
  • Mobile Threat Detection (MTD) integration available
  • Expense management and billing controls capabilities
  • Monthly/quarterly reviews of account
  • Flexible billing options to include annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly!!!

When you have come to the realization that your time is better spent on more mission-critical initiatives within your organization, make the time to have a conversation with a mobility specialist at Troy Mobility. We will take the time to map a solid, secure mobile strategy to enable the right solution for the right price, with the right mix of support, and the right billing option that fits perfectly within your organization.

Contact Us if you’d like to know more.