How to Buy a Mobility Management EMM Solution

A @SolutionsReview Interview with Paul Troisi

Two experts explain all the key points for SMB and mid-market buyers to consider when selecting an Enterprise Mobility Management vendor.

  • 1. Strategically assess your current environment & processes. There will be things you don’t know about Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • 2. Identify your short & long-term goals of your mobile initiative. Understand at least the tactical pieces.
  • 3. Evaluate Best of Breed EMM and MDM vendors that align with your goals; Consider future integrations and platforms
  • 4. Configure, integrate, train and deploy to your test community before full production. Helps reduce anxiety, stress and over-burden to your support staff
  • 5. Constantly evaluate every 6-12 months around new challenges and platforms to streamline business processes.

Mobile security is a very dynamic space. One needs to maintain a sense of vigilance around your mobile enterprise and partner with a company that understand the space.

Don’t try to run a marathon in a brand-new pair of shoes. It could cause you some unnecessary blisters and pain! Take a phased approach and do not accept that everything needs to be done immediately.

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