Don’t forget about the Mid-Market!

It never ceases to amaze me how forgotten the SMB market can become. The major enterprise software players want the elephants representing the “Who’s Who of the Global 2000”. The reality is the needs of the mid-market businesses are similar, sometimes identical, to the big guys with the exception of more complex infrastructures, bigger IT budgets and often times, a more robust IT department.

I reflect over the past six years how valuable our customers are to us and in many circumstances, how valuable we are to our customers. They rely on keen insight, strategic partnerships, guidance, flexibility, support and technical expertise. Customers have come to adopt enterprise-grade platforms that help overcome strategic roadblocks, simplify business processes, increase end-user adoption and reduce overall IT Help desk interactions.  Across the board, our mid-market customers have deployed enterprise solutions that solve critical mobility challenges across multiple verticals including healthcare, banking, finance, construction, and many others.

The struggle to deploy enterprise mobility platforms should start by asking a few questions:

  • Do we have the appetite, infrastructure and bandwidth to support rolling out smart phones and tablets in our enterprise and what will that model look like aka BYOD?
  • Is there a tangible result that can be tied to this project to justify and measure its success? What does that success statement sound like?
  • Do we know what we want our mobile enterprise to look like in 12, 24 or 36 months?
  • Should a Risk assessment be conducted to assure our tolerance aligns with our deployment model (s) (i.e. To BYOD or not To BYOD)?
  • Has a “Maturity Assessment” been conducted? Has the next phase of your mobility journey been considered? Needs, Timelines, Platforms, and Budgets?
  • Are we aligned with a solution provider that understands “us” enough to provide guidance and advice along this journey? Do we know what we don’t know?

These are tough questions for any company who isn’t looking for more questions but seeking real-life real-ROI answers.  As part of an ongoing series, we will explore specific answers to the most challenging questions.  Should you want immediate help, contact us below.  We understand not just talk-the-talk but also walk-the-walk.  In regard to implementation (click for more), Troy Mobility takes the time to understand your challenges, environment and goals completely, giving us the unique ability to align expectations across multiple business units and deliver a project that exceeds expectations, is on-time and within the established budget. With numerous implementations and thousands of devices in production, Troy Mobility can handle your professional service needs, regardless of how big, small or medium size your initiatives may be.

In future articles, I will present real answers to project management, training, staff augmentation, and lifecycle management as well as our mobility portfolio (see below).

Troy Mobility is a mobility solution provider specializing in Mobility & Cloud Consulting, Professional Services and Value-Added Reseller relationships that span the entire mobile ecosystem spectrum.  Troy Mobility believes that by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of a Value-Added Reseller/System Integrator, you gain greater efficiency by allowing us to do the “heavy lifting”. Since we have partnered with organizations that are industry leaders and possess an outstanding value proposition, Troy Mobility can function as your strategic advisors, not just a vendor.  You can follow us on Twitter and on Linkedin.

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